Is this really a baseball stadium?

I was able to tour Target Field with the Make-A-Wish Foundation’s Wish Ball planning team. It was a Twins fan’s dream to get to see the stadium before it actually opens to the public. I’ve been waiting for this day for a very long time. The stadium is beautiful!

Even though I was only touring the portions of the stadium that will be used for the event (Champion’s Club and Club Level) I saw the great views, cushy seats, great lounge areas, and many restaurants/bar areas. It made me wonder, “Is this too fancy for a baseball stadium?”  They have large cushy chairs in nooks around the stadium and posh seating around bars, where unless you are watching a plasma TV, you can’t see the field.  It doesn’t seem like baseball.

I do love the historical ambiance that the stadium has. The pictures of former players and quotes really do add to the “love of the game” factor.

I’m hoping that the Bleacher seats and the View Level seats (this is where I’ll be sitting at game time) has a more “die-hard fan” appeal.

The tour has also led to the shear fact that I can’t wait any longer for baseball.



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