Media Tracker

Google pretty much runs my life. Gmail is fantastic thanks to its search, gChat, and organizational features. Calendar is simple to use. Scholar got me through grad school lit reviews. And I’ll gladly give Google my medical records if it helps improve health care for me and others.

I imagine most of my commentary here will be focused on media and current events. Combine the two and you get Google Reader. Reader is an RSS feed (which, despite some Googling, I never really understood). Basically, instead of checking up on your favorite websites when you get the chance or when you manage to remember, Google Reader will automatically pick up new content posted on sites you specify. It updates automatically throughout the day, and isn’t intrusive in notifying you about what you haven’t read yet. It’s perfect for a casual, yet wide-ranging, internet content reader (such as myself).

Google will even suggest hundreds of categories and thousands of sites you might be interested in. Some of my categories include religion, quilting, fashion, planning, New York, and others. Google gave me about 10 sites in each category to start with. From there you can add your other favorites (like,, or

So when I have a busy day like today, Google Reader has already done my news-collecting for me, and all I have to do is browse whenever I have a moment.

I imagine most of my posts here will somehow be inspired by what I’ve read on Reader that day. You’ve been warned.



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