Really, Really Cold

This past weekend I participated in the Polar Bear Plunge for Special Olympics. if you’re unfamiliar, I raised money to jump in a lake in the middle of March. Crazy, yes. Cold, you betcha! I was so grateful this year to have my friend, Emily. Thank God she made it through and still talks to me.

When I did the event last year it was 40 degrees and sunny. It was what I would consider a good day for jumping in a freezing lake. This year, however, it was 40 degrees, windy, and overcast. This was not the idea conditions. It was in a word….COLD. When I hit the water I thought “I can’t move. I’m in shock.” Thankfully, the ladder to get out was in reach. I don’t think I could have made a walk in the water. Pictures are here, just click next to see more.

This year I raised $1,000. As an added bonus I’m going to eat lutefisk because I made my personal goal. I’m going to check out Olsen’s Fish Market for my lovely dinner. More people were shocked that I will be eating lutefisk than actually jumping in a freezing lake…should I be worried? I guess I will find out soon.



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