The New Newsstand

Despite being a pretty traditional, non-MTV-type twenty-four year old, I admit to consuming videos and articles completely free (but legally!). I  used Napster back in the day, and tried bitTorrent once for an episode of BSG I loved. But I read the NYT, Slate, Salon, the WSJ, WaPo, Politico, 549, plus any number of less formal content for free. Due to living in a concrete bunker, my new HD antennae cannot catch NBC either, so I have to watch Chuck on Hulu (and the occasional episode of Intervention). And, I’m even so lame that I read recaps of shows on The point? I consume without compensating the creators for their hard work and production costs.

That being said, I’m wondering what it will look like when print and electronic media finally merge. And here’s one option:

(I am really having a hard time with the WordPress layout, and can’t figure out hyperlinks yet. I just need patience and an entire Saturday morning.)

It’s really worth watching the whole clip. How cool is that? We’ll have to see how Apple strongarms the publishing industry next. The recording industry, which they successfully conquered, is not nearly as old as print. (1890 vs. 1568)



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