If I’m ever a hiring manager…

If today is St. Patrick’s Day, I think it’s pretty safe to say I’ve been applying to jobs for a year now. Actually, my first was November of 2008, right after the economy crashed, and I applied to a fellowship with the Port Authority of NJ and NY.  I’m sure Kelly and I could bore you for hours with stories of the variety of jobs we’ve applied for, ranging from way over- to underqualified. Despite having two job offers last spring, I ended up with my current job by accident, and I’ve been continually applying elsewhere with very little success ever since.

I’ve been rejected in dozens of ways. But the nicest way is coming this week, I think. See, two weeks ago I had an in person interview for a pretty decent job in Edina. They said, “We hope to have news for you by next Wednesday.” On Thursday, I got an email saying, “Man, things have been busy this week. Hopefully we’ll be able to sit down and have more information for you next week.”

Despite likely being a lie at the worst, and a cop out at the best, this is the nicest way of rejecting me. They got back to me ON TIME and politely excused themselves (presumably while they wait for their first choice to accept). I am okay with the rejection, and just happy they told me in a timely manner, instead of waiting three weeks before sending me a rejection in the mail. That is definitely the worst, especially after you drive over an hour to meet them in person. *coughDVRPCcough*

My best rejection story is my priest saying I wouldn’t be in charge of the junior/senior high group, and had to leave two voicemails because she spent so much time in the first one apologizing for it, the phone cut her off so she had to call back and finish the job.

I hope to be a decent interviewer and the most polite person applicants ever have to work with. This year+ stretch of job-hunting will certainly stay with me the rest of my life.



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