Speaking of dogs

I take the #17 bus to work every day. One of the stops is Nicollet and 22nd, and is a very minor stop. However, it is one block from the National Federation of the Blind, which means that there can be anywhere from two to seven blind folks on the bus with me in either direction. They get around very well, of course, especially considering that the bus stop does not have stop signs on Nicollet and traffic can get very dicey. Two of the people I see regularly have guide dogs.

The dogs have undergone lots of training, of course, but I am always amazed at how they seem to be dogs first, and guide dogs second. Their owners are continually telling the dogs to stop smelling the bus driver or stop pulling in the wrong direction. Having never lived with a dog (or even gotten along with them), it’s always interesting to see what kind of mischief these guide dogs want to get into, before they are reminded of their training.

With that, I will contemplate taking my second nap of the afternoon.



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