Jet & Cord, you are my hero.

I’ve started watching the “Amazing Race 16” this season. Usually, when I have watched the show in the past I’ve been bored with the teams and lose interest pretty fast. But this season, Jet and Cord have changed my habits. Jet and Cord are brothers from Oklahoma, and they are COWBOYS. I think the greatest thing about these two is that they are so innocent and naïve, yet really good at the game. They have won two legs of the race so far. In one win they won sail boats (which might be a problem in the prairie). These brothers are amazing. In one challenge, Cord bungee-jumped with his cowboy hat on the whole time (that’s pure dedication). In Germany, we found out the Jet has never had a beer, so Cord drank the entire boot of beer. I’m hoping they go far because they’re the only reason I watch the show. Looking into their history I found that they are really good at Rodeo too. Cord is a professional bull rider.

I have started to think that they should make a reality show about the after the show, “Jet and Cord: Back on the Ranch”.



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