Ishy Fishy.

Last night I ate lutefisk from the Polar Bear Plunge  deal I made. If you’re unfamiliar with lutefisk, it’s lye fish. Yes, fish soaking in cleaning product.   

I went to Ingebretsen’s on Lake St. It’s a cute Scandinavian store/market. When I asked the guy behind the meat counter what I should eat with lutefisk, he simply said, “boiled potatoes”. He also said that microwaving would be the easiest.

So, 5 hours later, the potatoes are boiling and the smelly fish is popped into the microwave. When the fish was done I put some melted butter on it, the fish soaked it up like a super sponge…gross.

                                                                            When I ate the fish and the potatoes not much chewing was required…maybe that’s why lutefisk in so popular in the elderly population. Seriously, if you’ve heard people call lutefisk–fish jello, they’re right.  At times, I created the scene from Jurassic Park with the jello on the spoon. The fish just kind of went down. It was not good.

Since I’m not a huge fish fan in general I wasn’t expecting to like it, but I’m willing to give most foods at least one shot. Being a Minnesotan, I’ve always wanted to try lutefisk and I’m glad I tried it. I’m glad I was able to do it for a good cause too.

The next challenge is to figure out what will top lutefisk.



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