A Life Saver

Thanks to Hulu I am able to have a life. It’s that simple. I’m a big fan of TV, besides Friday and Saturday I am a loyal fan to at least one show a night. 3 years ago this was a problem and a major reason why I stopped watching most TV, because it was either—have a life or watch TV. In this perfect world I am able to both!

In the past few seasons of new shows I’ve come to the motto of “If I don’t have the choice to watch it online, I won’t watch it”. The only exception would be shows on Bravo, because the episodes are played about 40 times throughout the week.

Hulu does come with downfalls, like my unreliable internet, where I might spend 45min watching a 20min sitcom. But if it means getting out in the world, I’m down.


PS. Is it considered productive if I used my Snuggie all day?


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