Why can’t everyday be Saturday?

Oh Saturday, can we have you on repeat?

Yesterday was a really good day. It started out early with a trip to Target Field at 6:30am to get tickets to the Gophers Baseball game. Then back at 1 o’clock to watch the game and to check out the rest of the stadium. I am so excited, the atmosphere is great for baseball. Even though my earlier post said the stadium looked too fancy and didn’t feel like baseball, well after seeing much more of the stadium– it feels like baseball.  Since my brother and I love the Twins it was great to spend the day with him and other friends too.

Last night was date night. Jeff took me to see Wizard of Oz because I have a slight obsession with it. Before hand we went to Zelo’s for dinner and Cold Stone for dessert…amazing.  The food was great. I had chicken and wild mushroom risotto, something I definitely want to recreate. I loved the play too. Since I watched the movie probably once a week as a child I was quoting the lines and I was really excited to see the theatrical adaptation.

Days like yesterday are what make me truly blessed!



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