War of the Roses

I love listening to KDWB in the morning. If I could I would love to be Lena for a day. My favorite segment is obviously, War of the Roses. I don’t know anyone who doesn’t enjoy it. I’ve even hooked Jeff onto this fine piece of radio gold.

This morning the girlfriend expects her boyfriend is cheating and wants to test him because after having a fight he said he wanted a ring back so he could give it to his ex. During the test, James sent the flowers to his ex with the note of “thinking of you”. BUSTED. James claims that he is not seeing her romantically, but seriously buddy, you had a fight with your girlfriend, send the flowers to her.

Recently, the boyfriends/husbands have started to question who Dave Ryan thinks he is to butt into their business and they always seem really confused that they are on the radio. James did not disappoint.

Dave Ryan, “War of the Roses has been on for seven years. What radio station do you listen to if you haven’t heard of it?”

 James, “93x because they don’t pull this sh*t”. (Love it)

Finally, when they wrapped up and said good-bye to the failing couple, James said, “Thanks for the advice, jerk.”

Don’t get me wrong, I feel really bad for the guys that are not cheating. But for the guys that are, they totally deserve to be outed on the radio.



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