bright star

I’m still not entirely certain what the procedure for awards is around here, but I do know that we have a very formal process where staff is recognized on a quarterly basis. A previous employee survey showed that the staff doesn’t feel valued or recognized, so management let them create a program to show off the good work they do.

As any good government agency will do, they created a pretty rule-heavy and multi-leveled rubric. At the bottom level is the “Bright Star” award, where anyone can nominate another person, and that person will automatically win. About 15-20 people get this award each quarter.

The lady who puts together the certificates stopped by and gave me mine a couple weeks early — she had nominated me because of my website work for a project I’m doing. She’s called the “Bright Star” a popularity contest, and wanted to make sure I was in on it.



One response to “bright star

  1. You always have to over-achieve. Love this.

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