Easter=Julie Andrews

Since my Easter wrapped up early, I was home around 3pm to begin the Julie Andrews mini-marthon on ABC Family. Mary Poppins and the Sound of Music are great for food babies. Even though these are some of my favorite movies, it makes me wonder what does a magical nanny and a  singing family have to do with Easter?

I loved watching Mary Poppins when I was younger. We had it recorded on a VHS from TV. One terrible day the movie was partly taped over with a “Cosby Show” Episode. It was the one where Cliff dreams he is giving birth to large sandwich. The movie does pick up again after the “Step in Time” song.

My experience with the “Sound of Music” was later in life. While studying in India, I bought “Sound of Music”. The movie was divided into 3 different discs. Since I really only liked certain parts of the movie I would watch one disc multiple times until I grew bored and moved onto the next one. Disc two is still my favorite (it has all the best songs).

So each Easter let’s raise our glass to “Votes for Women” and the Lonely Goatherd.



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