Keeping tabs

I keep track of the Twins by being a “fan” of them on Facebook, as well as having their main fan page added to my Google Reader. Problem is, both of these methods produce the exact same content. It’s great that their media/PR department has a coordinated way of getting information out (they’ve been posting 5-7 news bits a day, even today) but it is becoming tedious to scroll through the same info on both sites. Now I’m trying to decide which one to delete from my repertoire. On Facebook you can add comments and display that you “like” something and your friends that are also fans of the Twins will see that you like it. Reader also has a “like” feature, but it is far less public than Facebook.

My other Twins news and analysis comes from, a guy not much older than me, who dropped out of the U’s J-school, started his blog, and has been able to buy a house thanks to his blog and the opportunities he’s had as a result of it. He’s a little stat-heavy for me, but does a good job of analyzing the team from the perspective of a genuine fan, as opposed to the nation-wide outlets that focus on press releases and interviews with biased staff.



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