There are lots of unwritten rules about modern social behavior. Like bathrooms. There aren’t a whole lot of women on my floor, and three stalls in the one bathroom. Ideally, only one stall should be occupied at one time. Person #1 is using a stall. Person #2 enters and immediately enters a stall. #1 finishes, washes hands, and leaves. Then #2 can come out. Never, EVER, retouch your makeup if person #2 is in a stall. NEVER.

At yoga there is a system for staggering mats so the floor space is used efficiently. A concrete column is towards the back of the room; the back row’s mats should go no further forward than the pole. The front row is about 18″ from the mirror. And that leaves enough room for folks to fill in the middle. It irritates me so much when someone plops down their mat wherever they would like, without consideration for the way their decisions affect others! (sort of my philosophy on society in general)

Anyways, I’m packing for a four day trip to DC. Requires clothes for warm-ish and warm weather, clothes for walking around, sightseeing, and a dinner party with friends, and interview clothes. That’s way too many pairs of shoes. And I need to bring my “work bag” so I look professional, as well as my “casual tourist” bag made of canvas that crosses my chest. Oh, and did I mention oatmeal raisin cookies for Nick, his mail, and a set of sheets? I’m headed straight from the interview to the airport, so I get to pretend to be a business traveler (unless I totally cave and change into comfy clothes in an airport bathroom… where the abovementioned rule does not apply).



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