In the past few weeks I have watched both “Coco Chanel” and “Coco Before Chanel”. I was really excited when I put them on my Netflix queue thinking that each movie would focus on different parts of her life…but I was wrong. I watched the Lifetime version, “Coco Chanel” first, it was all about the flashbacks into her younger years. I really liked this version because it covered the un-famous and famous Coco. In “Coco Before Chanel” I didn’t learn too much more, but the movie was in French, so I give it a bonus point.

After some heavy investigating (Wikipedia) I learned “Coco Chanel” is more accurate, and I would reccommend it on that fact alone.

“Before you leave home, look in the mirror and take something off.”-Coco Chanel.



One response to “Coco

  1. Good to know. I need more documentaries for my queue.

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