Back to town

This evening as my plane found its landing pattern, I circled above TCF Stadium, Target Field, downtown, and the lakes. Perfect.

Not so perfect is the sunburn situation.  I had been using Coppertone Sport for Face last year, but wanted something a little less harsh. My boss said he preferred the Aveeno to Neutrogena, so I decided to buy some SPF 30 before the trip. After a few hours outside on Saturday, I could feel a burn set in, so I stopped into a CVS (they own the town) and bought the Aveeno SPF 50. And guess what? I still got burned. I kid you not, I put on three layers of the 50 before noon on Sunday, to no effect. When I realized it was a lost cause, there was another emergency trip to CVS for aloe, which I then layered on top, with OCD-consistency, for the rest of the day. The aloe dries out the skin, unlike the Aveeno moisturizer, so in the evening and first thing in the morning I had to slather on the *regular* Aveeno I carry with me (which, horrifically, is in addition to the Aveeno *hand* cream I have). I tend to think of myself as more of a “low maintenance” person, but the process of writing out this paragraph has convinced me otherwise. Very disappointing.

Why the obsession with my pale-as-ghost skin? I had an interview today, and I didn’t want to look like a radiating tomato for it. So it’s kind of justified, right? And, in the end, mildly successful.

(will know about job in two weeks)



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