Target Field and More

Yesterday’s game at Target Field was one of the best Twins game I’ve seen, hands down. It would rank top 5 easily (I might need to make a blog post). Not only was the weather perfect but the Twins played amazing baseball.

Liriano has received flack of late because he was noticeably not back to true form from ’06, but yesterday he had a great outing. Many are calling it his comeback.  A few innings were scary, but he made it through with great defensive plays (thanks, Nick Punto) and multiple strike outs. The Twins were also hitting! I think my favorite moment was when Cuddyer came to bat with “Hillbilly Bone” playing, and proceeded to hit a home run. Clearly, he was jazzed about the song. What’s even more impressive is that each player got a hit except Joe Mauer. Oh, Joe.

This was the view from our seats. Amazing. We were in the top section, but I don’t think there is a bad seat in the house. The scoreboard is stats heaven. “What is Liriano’s live ERA? “Who is warming up in the bull pen?” “How does Mauer do against righties?” All your questions can be answered. 

Most importantly, I got my magnet schedule. Knowing when the Twins play is only a refrigerator away.

Yes, those are “The Office” magnets on my fridge.

I also tried the “Big Dog”. Which is a 1/4 lb. hot dog with Barrel of Fun Chips. Very similar to the “Dome Dog”, which I really miss.

Sorry, for all the Twins posts. I hope I’m only boring some of the readers.



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