Etiquette Potpourri

1) In middle school, one of my biggest pet peeves was when a guy would hold a door open for me. I am not sure how I was ingrained in women’s liberation so early, but I was very adamant about opening doors for myself. If a guy got to the door first but gestured to let me through, I became indignant. Thankfully, I’ve gotten over that stage of my life, and I make life less awkward for myself and others.

Lots of etiquette has left society today, but this one is still there. Case in point, the bus stop today. Two men were already at the stop before I was, and then after me a woman with a cane got to the stop. Despite the fact that the men were standing on the curb many minutes in advance, and me and the other woman were standing further back on the sidewalk, both men stepped back as the bus approached to let us on first (I let the woman with the cane get priority). Very interesting to watch, especially since we’re all strangers.

2) Facebook: The new pre-pre-wedding invitation. I know Kat at TenaciouslyYours went over something similar lately at her blog. Today I got a Facebook message from an old friend, asking me what my mailing address is since she is about to mail the invitations to her wedding. It kind of ruins the surprise, you think? I was uncertain if I would be invited, but instead of having a beautiful invitation show up some day to surprise me, technicalities require a much more informal method pre-announcement. (I could launch into a longer essay, on how technology has made us more mobile which has us moving around the country more frequently, which in turn increases our reliance on technology, etc etc, but I’ll stow it). Anyways, I see both Kat’s point and her mom’s. Really, you should know in advance of an invite, or Save the Date, if you’re invited. And in Kat’s case, I’ll even get the “What’s your mailing address, even though you’ve known for over a year what the date is” request. But maybe invitations are the absolutely last snail-mail appropriate communication. They are so sacred.

That was a lot of random thoughts, all at once. I’ll reread it all in an hour and edit to remove the craziness.



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