Not So Happy Earth Day

Today was Earth Day. Here is how I celebrated–My department at work had a “Spring Cleaning Day”. We started out with a pizza party with paper plates, styrofoam cups, plastic silverware. The pizza was great and we had Dirt Cake, but there was a lot of waste. We then continued to clean, which harsh cleaning products and massive amounts of paper towels. After the madness, I met a friend in Woodbury for dinner. Rush hour was horrible, and I sat in traffic for 45 minutes. Earth Day was not so great.

My point being, why do we emphasize this day so much. I know people who biked to work just because it was Earth Day, why not do this everyday? I’m not a crazy lib when it comes to this stuff, but do things that actually make sense if you want to help the earth.

Finally, in terms of  “going green”, does anyone else find the new Sun Chip bags completely annoying? They are biodegradable, but so loud.

Maybe I will do better tomorrow Mother Earth, sorry about today.



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