A Girl’s Guide to Hunting

I thought I would take you all through a quick run of my weekend hunting trip. I went turkey hunting with my brother Justin. I was a rookie, but this was his 7th year going, so I was in good hands.  As many of you may know I hunted growing up with my dad and brothers.

I had known for a few months now that I was going hunting but proceed to postpone buying my license until I went to a “Gander Mountain”-type store because every one else has no idea what you’re talking about, “I didn’t know you could hunt turkeys?!”. So finally on Thursday I made the trip…license in hand in less than 5 minutes.

On Friday, Justin and I needed to stop at a farm store to complete the waterproof/camo look. This meant buying cattle boots (good thing I date Jeff for potential future use) and youth large camo pants (why can’t all pants I buy be this size?).  Then my brother took me through the day of events–get up at 4:50, drive 20 miles to hunt, sit in the wind and rain, and potentially walk 5 miles–sounds like fun right?

I had a blast.  Saturday morning was filled with activity as we heard Toms gobble, and we saw some in the distance. We then walked around a heavily wooded area, which was so pretty and peaceful that the city girl in me wanted to take pictures and soak it all in–but being a mighty hunter, I couldn’t. Saturday, was interesting. A hen walked into our decoys–you can only shoot Toms. It was still really interesting, considering Justin has never seen one so close.

Sunday proved to be trying, I was so tired and sore from the day before it’s a miracle I could walk up and down the stairs. Danielle, Justin’s girlfriend, joined us. Danielle was patient and good sport until both her feet became stuck in the mud–this proved to be the funniest thing of the whole weekend. We did manage to scare a couple of turkeys up but nothing else happened. Sunday night was my last attempt–and I’m sure the turkeys must have known this. At about 8:15 we had to quit hunting, we started hearing turkeys at about 8:05, we made one last attempt to call them in, but no luck.

I think the worst part about the weekend were the ticks. Yes, ticks…I’m sure I had at least 5 on me throughout the weekend. At the time fine, but looking back it gives me the willies.

My brother was able to stay until Monday, because a) he has vacation days and b) he works 10 hour shifts. At about 9:30am I notice my phone is receiving a picture message–it was Justin holding a 25 lb turkey. Work, I blame you for no turkey.  So my goal for next year, is to have at least one vacation day that I can devote to turkey hunting.



One response to “A Girl’s Guide to Hunting

  1. Great blog! We need more stories like this on the internet so that the uninformed can learn the right way as to who we are and what we do.

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