Seating arrangements

It is crucial to always have a window seat when traveling by bus or plane. Reasons?

Bus: If you are on the aisle you are likely to get bopped in the head by a purse or backpack. Plus a lot of the bus drivers don’t know how to ventilate the bus prior to a new trip so while a bus might feel like the right temperature when it starts, by the time everyone gets on board it will be too warm. You need to be able to open the window for fresh air, and folks (for whatever reason) don’t like messing with bus windows. I am incredibly temperature sensitive, so having a breeze and ventilation control is crucial.

Airplane: I don’t do well with rocky motions. While I appreciate gentle turbulence as a reminder that the plane is indeed afloat and moving, I hate anything that feels like an amusement park ride. [How about that landing into BWI three weeks ago, where we had to land heading West, into strong winds, and there were 40 middle schoolers on the plane, and every time the plane got jerked around, the kids raised their arms like on a roller coaster and yelled, “Whee!!” Not. Cool.] I’ve become pretty familiar with takeoffs, but landings are difficult. I like window seats because then you can see just how close you are to the ground and have an idea of when the tires might hit the tarmac. I like well-defined expectations, and sitting on the aisle doesn’t give you that kind of information.

There are only two downsides to the window seat on a plane: If you have to use the bathroom and the ability to stand in the  aisle as soon as the seatbelt sign is turned off on landing. I generally plan ahead to avoid airplane bathrooms altogether, but for longer flights this might be an issue. And being tall and crammed into a small seat makes it nice to be able to stretch as soon as possible.

Alas, for tomorrow’s flight I have an aisle. It’s a relatively short flight, but into an airport I’ve never flown into before (Philadelphia) so I’d kind of like to get a window seat for the view.



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