Last night was the end to all of my hard work with the Make-A-Wish, “Take Me Out to the Wish Ball” event. I worked on two games, a sports ticket give away and a jewelry game which involved baseballs. These two events raised over 17,000 total. I chalk this up as a huge success but it was a lot of freakin’ work. This past week I’ve definitely put in over 20 hours working to finalize things for the event–did I mention this was volunteering.

Volunteering at the event was tiring. With 750 guests, I’m sure I sold my heart out to at least 500 to sell the baseballs for the jewelry raffle. Explaining a semi-complicated raffle concept to tipsy guests is harder than you think. It was a lot of walking as well, 11 hours later–my feet still hurt. I did see a few Vikings players and I had an educational wine conversation with KARE 11’s Belinda Jensen’s husband (This may have been the highlight).

Of course the guests were very generous.  A signed Favre jersey sold at the live auction for more than $10,000. An exclusive trip to Fashion Week in New York went for a mere 15 grand. Finally, tickets to U2 at TCF went $8,000. These were highest auction items I saw sell–but I’m sure things like the trip to Fenway and Yankee Stadium went for a lot too. There was also a BBQ package with a few Vikings players. The goal of the night was to raise about $550,000-with the new venue of Target Field and great auction pieces I hope that MAW had no problems.



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