Its Been a Feminist Kind of Day

I really don’t consider myself a feminist, but when the mood hits- I become very aware of the female stereotyping that occurs in life.

While checking my “Google Reader” I came across “Fit Buzz-How to Sneak in Exercise”. In this article I learned the art of putting away clothes, ironing, and parking in the farthest parking spot while shopping. Granted I was pretty aware of all of these “calorie burners”, but it really seems like an injustice to say, “just have some kids and squeeze in extra time for yourself, own a home that you can walk around in, and get a job on the 5th floor”.

Later, my brother tells me we are surprising my parents this Sunday for lunch. Because my brothers are planning this escapade, we are going to stop and pick up deli rotisserie chicken on the way. My brother promptly added, “You can make something else if you want.” – Thank you for confirming my feminist attitude today. But, of course, I am caving to society. I will probably make a couple more lunch items because I’m a girl (my parents only hope) and it’s my job-apparently.



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