Unclassified interview

Tomorrow I have an interview of sorts. I think. Not really sure. The job is with Hennepin County, for some similar work to what I do for the City (stimulus spending for foreclosure relief… ARRA 2009 represent!). Minneapolis applied for, and spends its money in collaboration with, the County, so our foreclosure teams work together a lot.

Our main point person knows a woman at the County, and arranged for the three of us to get lunch tomorrow. I have no idea what the title is of this person, or what their role is in the hiring process (the person who will ultimately do the interview? a much higher-up who could pull my resume and put it in a “good” pile? who knows). Ultimately my plan is to just be pleasant and to insert relevant information where appropriate, without dominating the conversation.

A manager at the City knows the director over there, and promised to see if they already had someone in mind for the position, and posted the job just as a formality. But I haven’t heard back from him, so I don’t think he followed-through.

Back to the “interview” tomorrow: I am struggling with what to wear – something dressier than I usually wear, without trying too much. The lunch is scheduled to start at noon, and I have a dentist appointment at 1:30pm in Hopkins. Hopefully I can run out of there in time to make the appt without looking ungracious at the lunch. And furthermore, I’ve been sick the past couple of days… I hope everything works out!

-Katie*, who tried to write three blog posts before finally getting clear-headed enough to write this one


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