Happy B-Day MN!

Today is Minnesota’s 152nd birthday. So while in the spirit I’d thought I would share a few things that make me love Minnesota more than any state in the Union.

1. The seasons: I know every winter we wish it were summer, and every summer we wish it were winter but this is why I love MN the most. Looking forward to the activities for summer in the snowy months of winter can give one “cabin fever” but it’s great to have these things to look forward to. The same applies to winter. Spring and fall are a little extension of both winter and summer. I love watching the flowers bloom in spring and seeing the leaves change colors in the fall because it makes the year feel full circle.

2. The lakes. Come on, there are like 13,000 of the beautiful bodies of water. Just picture yourself  Up North basking in the glory of a lake–enough said.

3. Apples. One of the greatest things about the Minnesota is the abundance of apple orchards. There is never a shortage, and there never shall be.

4. Small town love. So while I’ve moved to the “big city” I still feel close to my hometown roots and I always feel like I’m in whole-hearted community no matter where I’m living in Minnesota. Plus, the small town festivals are a definite must.

5. Finally, the sports. The Twins and Vikings are in a great position with the fans across the state. The Timberwolves, well let’s just say I was once a really big fan. In a state where there is a song and a day devoted to hockey, you know it’s a big deal and the Wild are still one of the most popular teams in the NHL despite poor performances. Even though the Gophers have been lacking the past few years, people still rally behind each team and show their support.

Not only are my reasons stated above great reasons to love Minnesota, but MN is usually always at the top of “good” surveys and at the bottom of the “bad ones”.

Minnesota is a great state–here’s to another great 152 years.



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