“You Get a Car”

I hope when you read the title, you were picturing Oprah saying this. But, while I didn’t get a car I have a very amazing boyfriend that lets me use his. Since I have been driving more I have noticed a few ridiculous things that I’ve never noticed before because I really haven’t driven that much.

Potholes are terrible-seriously, if I go missing they should be the first places you look. People on their cell phones–yes, I must admit I am guilty of this from time to time, but I usually keep it short or wait until red lights to check new messages. Really narrow lanes–this causes the biggest scare when I’m driving Jeff’s truck because I’m afraid I’m going to “monster truck” the car next to me. Finally, the radio–oh the joys of listening to Dave Ryan in Morning.

Mario (Jeff’s car) and I get along just nicely. I’m just hoping that someday I can add a Luigi to the mix (aka, my own car)



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