Summer styles

I’m not a fashionista by any means — most of my wardrobe contains solid colors without drawing too much attention to myself. But I am here today to declare the summer trend among middle-income, female, employees.

Black and white. Bared upper arms/shoulders.

There are seven women on my floor. Four of us were wearing black and white today, the first truly awful day of summer. This came in a couple different forms: Black pants with fancy white dress shirt, white mini skirt (possibly denim) and black cotton top, black/white Anthropologie-esque skirt with slightly interesting black tank*, and black/white Target pleated skirt with way too old black t shirt from Maurice’s in Hutchinson. On the 4th floor, the slightly older and grumpier employees were wearing tanks* along the white/black spectrum as well.

* “tank” is a bit of a misnomer, more like sleeveless, as to be more office-appropriate

You’ve been put on notice, ladies.



One response to “Summer styles

  1. p.s. I took your advice and wore black and white yesterday. I definitely felt the cool summer vibes!

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