While I tend not to find the deep meanings in my dreams because my dreams are pretty random I decided to look into the meaning of the tornado dream I had last night because it was, a)too vivid for one’s imagination and b) scary.

When I looked up the meaning I found this. I don’t really feel as though there is anything in my life in which I have no control over, nor do I feel as though something is so destructive that I have no means to fix it.

I’ll chalk this dream up to the fact that it was raining, lightening, and thundering earlier in the night-but I was secretly hoping for some better meaning.


PS. Does anyone else feel like it’s Friday, today?


One response to “Dreams

  1. Yes! I definitely feel like it’s Friday. Nobody is in the office and there is a breeze of slacking off floating about.
    I dream a lot, but the recurring ones are the ones that interest me.

    I forget the name of the study, but it was on mice. They had mice run around a track all day and measured their brain activation. Then they measured their brain activity while they dreamed. Turns out, it was pretty much just a repeat of their day’s activities. So, maybe the brain is making sense of all those neurons firing the same way they fired during the day.

    Dreams are fascinating!

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