There are two ladies that go to work about the same time I do each morning, near the riverside residential buildings. At first, I thought they were Amish. No-heel black lace up shoes, like the plain back Reeboks that older folks wear when their legs wear out, but these had much less going on. Like halfway between those Reeboks and a man’s dress shoe almost. Cotton, prairie-like skirt down to just above the ankle. Always long-sleeved button downs, perhaps with rounded tip collar, also cotton prairie-style fabric. Hair done in a plain updo. I haven’t noticed any kind of cap like most Amish women wear though, which made me consider other options. Plus, they are both on the unhealthy side of overweight, and most Amish women work too hard to get that way (butter churning is good for the soul AND body!).

Then, the jackpot: I saw one of them one afternoon pulling a red wagon, with three kids inside. Three! So they are nannies. Two of them, obviously hired out from the same weird agency, an agency which may require they dress that way (or maybe they were hired for being so prim). These two ladies are really the closest thing Minneapolis must have to Mary Poppins. Old school.

I’m guessing they work for families in the Carlyle, since that’s the corner where I see them. It must be quite a life, living one reality while caring for children in another.

Have a great weekend! Kelly and I are going to Afton State Park tomorrow for hiking and swimming.



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