had a great day! well, except…

Kelly and I had an awesome day. We drove out to Afton State Park, went for a hike (despite the best efforts of dead trees), and swam in the river (or is it a lake? the map suggested it was both). But.

Problem #1: As I pulled to the light to get us on I-94 after leaving Kelly’s, my brake pedal sunk to the bottom. Usually it hits the midpoint. This has happened once before, so now I am afraid it was a pattern. Picking the foot off the brake and back down fixed it; it went back to the appropriate midpoint. We made it to the park without incident.

Problem #2: Almost immediately after getting in the car to leave the park, my Check Engine light went off. This has happened before, and it means I need to add oil. I poured in a couple of “glugs” of oil, and that seemed to do the trick.

Problem #3: After stopping for dinner at BWW, the light circling my D4 indicator on my dash started blinking, which has *not* happened before.  I panicked (leading to the best quote of the day, “Um, is there a reason we’re getting off at this exit?” “Well, yes and no…”) and pulled into a parking lot. Called my brother to have him Google the event, which gave us the hint that it just meant my speedometer was not functioning properly (but my problem is electrical, and the speedometer is purely mechanical…?). Satisfied nonetheless, we got back on the highway (thanks to some Chinese Fire Drill-type moves from Kelly). The light resumed blinking eventually, but I tried not to pay too much attention.

Problem #4: Just before the U’s Huron exit, the Check Engine light went off again. This is bad. I pulled off and told Kelly we were taking the slow way home. The problem with the slow way is that you can more easily see ALL THE SMOKE COMING OFF THE HOOD. Eeep. The combination of blinking dash light, plus Check Engine, was pretty concerning.

I parked at Kelly’s and prepared to take the bus home, although Jeff told Kelly she *had* to drive me home. She was a good sport about it. So now I’m at home, waiting for my father to come and check out the situation. He (and Jeff) thinks it needs water, but I think it needs  A LOT more than that.

Whew. Happy weekend everybody! We’ll see if I’m carless by Monday.


ETA: if my car does die, this will be a less impressive death than the Red Rocket. Total mechanical failure on I-35W? Epic.


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