Also, thanks to Kelly for (1) handling the car situation very well and (2) handling me looking like a goon with my beach towel over my head during the hike very well. It was moderately successful.

I was biking down Univ Ave on campus today by Sanford Hall, and saw two female Mormons! On bikes, as a pair, with the nametags. But they get significantly more wardrobe freedom than the men — one was wearing a long khaki skirt (how does she pedal??) and lavender sweater over a white shirt. I don’t remember what the other was wearing. This was right by their HQ, on a holiday evening, so who knows exactly what they were doing (likely not working for conversions, since that’s work for the men) but the nametags and traveling by two gave an air of official business. Fascinating.

Today was a massively productive morning followed by a lazy afternoon. Three loads of laundry, four pounds of gnocchi, cleaning kitchen and bathroom, yoga, and bike ride. Then watching Intervention and reading “Bible Babel.” Not a bad holiday.



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