Over the past couple of weeks I’ve been doing a much better job of bringing my lunch to work. For a little while there I was “eating out” about twice a week. (It’s in quotes b/c the only places near my non-skyway office are Subway, Eddington’s, and Sawatdee, with the latter only once every few months.)

Exhibiting good behavior at lunch means my cravings for dinner increase. Yesterday it was Galactic Pizza (which I’ve never even had), today it was Vietnamese (I live by what must be the second-highest concentration of their restaurants, behind Midway). For reasons passing understanding, Mexican has not been on my list of must-eats. And I’ve been thoroughly hyper-sensitized to the horrific nature of Caribou/Starbucks/mass produced pastry products. Maybe I’m getting more discerning with my cravings?

Edina Art Fair this weekend! Who wants to come with? I’m also dying to go to Anthropologie.



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