In the Moment

Sorry I haven’t been updating, my work has actually picked up at work and I’ve been working extra hours, which means vegetation when I get home from work.

Last night I enjoyed a wonderful walk and dinner with my friend Coral who left for WA for the summer this morning. We went to Ginger Hop in NE, and besides the fact that I left my leftovers in Coral’s car the place was great. Coral loved her dish with fried tofu, and I really enjoyed my spicy- yet quite delicious chicken and rice.

As summer picks up, it is key to have a juicy read. While Katie* and I won’t be reading this one on the beach, it serves as good “time-kill” at work. Since we both are tied deep to our Poli Sci roots, we will be enjoying the nonsense of Summer Interns on Capitol Hill–a summer must.

While everyone is making a fuss about the blown “perfect game” yesterday and demanding that the call with 2-outs in the ninth be overturned I will make an argument–why should just this call be overturned? There have been many plays in baseball where umps make bad calls or where fans interfere, yet nothing happens. I feel for the pitcher, and he seems like a nice kid, but– sorry, close but no cigar. Even though it’s not “officially” a perfect game I know, you know, and the pitcher knows that it was a perfect game. Let’s just leave it at that.



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