Witch’s Hat

Yesterday Katie* and I took advantage of the one day out of the year when the Witch’s Hat on the border of Minneapolis/St. Paul is open to the public. Our friend Jenna has been waiting to go for years and was really excited, and made us really excited to go. It was quite the adventure and views were excellent.

Bear with me, I only had my camera  phone.

I'm not sure how many steps there were to the top but the close placements and narrow walkway made for awkward moments.

I loved the view of downtown

The trees were very impressive.

So once we made the descent, Jenna had mentioned ice cream-a must, so we went to the Pratt Community School Ice Cream Social being held close by. Along with Root Beer Floats, we were entertained by these guys-“Lazy Does It”.

Afterwards, we went to Joe’s Garage by Loring Park. I really like the fact they a ton of outside seating options. While we all would prefer the roof-top we had a table on the sidewalk. My favorite thing about Joe’s Garage? When you ask for a “medium rare” burger, they make a medium rare burger-yum. The “Martini Burger” with Blue Cheese and Green Olives will have to be recreated.



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