In 3-D

Jeff and I saw Shrek this weekend in 3-D. If I were to rate this Shrek movie I would put in into 2nd place behind the 1st Shrek movie. The “It’s a Wonderful Life” theme is always popular. I really liked the fact that they stayed true to the Rumpelstiltskin fashion, and made his character very greedy/interesting/funny.

I realized through the 3-D previews that I only like animated movies in 3-D and I’m really excited for Despicable Me and Toy Story 3. I’m sure I will be rockin’ the sweet 3-D glasses when they come out in theaters.

In actually 3-D life, I did go to Grand Ol Day with my friend Carli. Let’s just say if you are going to charge 11 tickets (~$6.75)  for ice cream–it better be made of gold. I also learned that parades are no fun without children (candy) and alcohol (enjoyment-I was totally jealous of the people playing beer pong).


One response to “In 3-D

  1. I thought it was ridiculous to buy a wristband for $10 to be able to even buy beer. Wtf St. Paul?

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