Awkward Laundry

My building has two washers and two dryers. I’ve been here nine months and have only had to wait for a washer once. The most awkward thing to happen though, is when you put your clothes in the washer and there are already clothes going in the dryer. So you have to hope that by the time your loads are done, theirs will be too. AND that they will have been on time to remove them. If not, a couple things could go wrong:

1) their clothes could still be wet. And there’s no way I’m putting in another quarter for them. And then I have to wait.

2) their clothes are finished, but they haven’t come to take them yet. Then I am in the awkward position of removing their stuff from the dryer and putting it on the side table. Even worse, they could walk in the room while I am touching their things (like underwear!). And that would be BAD.

It’s stressful.



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