nail dilemma

Kat at Tenaciously Yours, has started the Grey Suede trend in our group of friends. I like the color too. It’s simple, chips aren’t as noticeable, and makes just enough of an understated statement.

However, I just can’t get myself to buy it. I spent twenty years (!) biting my nails. The summer after sophomore year I was biting on a pen and a chunk of one of my teeth fell apart. A dentist put a little correction on it, but told me it wouldn’t last. Wrong! That incident freaked me out enough to eventually get me to stop biting them altogether.*

*This isn’t entirely true. If part of a nail is sticking out, I will use my teeth to pull it all the way off. I do not carry nail clippers in my purses, even though I probably should. And if I have a long thumb nail I will put it in between my teeth, clamping down, but not gnawing at it. (Too much information?)

Toenails are another issue entirely, of course. In summer it is essential to paint them, and I pick a bright color. If I used Grey Suede on my toes, it would look like I was missing toenails entirely, since it would blend so well from the perspective of a person standing and looking down at my toes. Unappealing prospect.

But I am too proud of my long fingernails to cover them up anymore. Whenever there was a little bit of white on my nail I would bite it off. Now I want to show them off instead!



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