little things

Two thoughts:

1) While not the way I live my life, I really enjoyed Skinny Bitch. It’s a vegan manifesto in disguise. I didn’t know that going in, so it was a little bit of a shock, but I powered through and a lot of it really resonated with me. (Not that I do a great job of living up to their lifestyle.)

Something I can relate to, however, is their premise that if you went 30 days without eating meat, and then ate it on the 31st day, you wouldn’t like the taste of it anymore. The same thing happens to me with pop. I have pop maybe five or six times a year and when I do it makes me sick to my stomach and I always regret it. I get a basic cheeseburger at McDonald’s once every couple of months and while it tastes not-terrible, my insides have a hard time knowing what to do with it.

I have tried to do the opposite, however, with bananas. I’ve always hated bananas, but every once in a while I try one to see if my opinion has changed. So far it hasn’t, but maybe if I had one every day for a month that would change.

2) I am not a very good wardrobe planner, mostly due to the “it’s morning and I can’t think sequentially” effect. Like I’ll forget to shave my legs when I plan on wearing a skirt. The most tedious is toenail polish though. I have a bright shade on my toes, but it chips easily. I’ll pick out an outfit but then realize it requires sandals. Uh oh. So then I have to put on the outfit (or at least the pants/skirt), then put on the shoes, and then put polish only on the toes that are exposed and let it dry on my commute in. Not the most sophisticated part of my beauty ritual.



One response to “little things

  1. Skinny Bitch was wonderful because they’re the tough-love sistas you need to have tell you that you’re seriously killing your body. My favorite phrase from those two was “Chemical Shit Storm,” which is how they described low- and non-fat foods.

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