short temper

The internet is such a dangerous place to have a conversation. Without sarcasm font it can be hard to get your point across. Or instead of following a natural flow, someone can pick apart a sentence and take issue with each word in some kind of litany.

I am so guilty of this. I am friends with many people with conservatives/Republican viewpoints, and one of them frequently tagged me in a “note”/blog posts that I found offensive. He once picked a bad day for it — I had just received truly terrible news about a close family member. I knew it was best not to respond at all, and I purposely navigated away from Facebook repeatedly to try to avoid it. But my emotional state was completely unhinged, and I eventually wrote a response that I regret, even though I remember taking pains to tone it down.

I did it again today, creature of habit that I am. Someone who I frequently disagree with (but who is five times more liberal than I am!) wrote something that I disagreed with. Instead of taking the time to understand his perspective, I fixated on what I found to be the most erroneous comment of his, which in reality was extremely benign. I was looking to pick a fight because I had a pre-existing bias against his opinion. Again, I tried so hard not to comment, but couldn’t help myself. Gotta try harder next time.



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