Oh, cardigan

I have discovered I am a sucker for cardigans. They layer, which is great for creating visual interest and navigating the difference between “so f*ing hot and humid on the walk between bus stop and work” and the inevitable “my office building is overcompensating and now I’m freezing.” Also, airplanes. Of course there are differences between summer cardigans (lighter weight, perhaps 3/4 sleeve) and winter cardigans (heavier, usually darker colors) but I am not at the stage of life yet where I can enjoy having that kind of variety.

Related: The GAP is engaging in serious vanity sizing. I now have three cardigans from them in size medium, and a pair of shorts in size 8. This is ridiculous. Today I got this one (for much less than is currently listed, btw), and despite being a medium, it still fits perfectly over my chest. In contract to a Target cardigan of similar style that I had to get in XL b/c they market to 14 year olds.

Dear GAP: You don’t have to lure me in with vanity sizing. I like your clothes. I don’t care what size it is; if it looks good, I’ll buy it.

Also, Dear Ann Taylor LOFT: Just because the price has been reduced does not mean it qualifies as being “on sale.” $60 is too much to pay for a jersey dress, and you know it.



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