Dear Employers

Today was a very chaotic day in the world of Katie* Trying To Find A Job. We had:

1) An impromptu interview where neither I nor the interviewer was prepared. (AmeriCorps job in Philadelphia)

2) A request for writing sample, followed by request for interview. (Part time gig in St. Paul)

3) Scheduled a round 2 interview. (Full time in St. Paul)

And so I make a proposal: Companies can only hire every quarter. All offers must be extended on Mar 1, June 1, Sept 1, or Dec 1. They can use whatever process they want before then, but it needs to be on a schedule, dammit. I hate the feeling of, “What if job 1 that I don’t want as much as job 2 makes me an offer before job 2 knows who they want to hire? Will I have to take the safe offer from job 1, even if it’s not perfect? I’d be so much happier with job 2!”

The AmeriCorps job in Philly? They’re going to extend an offer to someone tomorrow. And they’re crashing a deadline, I think, so they’ll want an answer ASAP.

Of course, the general rule should be, if you’re not passionate about it, don’t take it. But in today’s economy, who can risk that? If every employer was on a quarterly schedule, you’d say, “Well, this is all I got by the deadline, so this is all I got, period. Do I want at least another three months of unemployment?”

(This is a very half-baked idea, created entirely out of my anxiety.)

It’s entirely possible I won’t get any of these jobs, just like the one in DC, the soul-crushing one with the State, or the really cool one with DVRPC where I totally screwed up the interview. Think happy thoughts, right?



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