(new) check, please

I write checks much more often than most folks my age. My electric and credit card bills come in the mail, and I mail a check back. Plus rent checks. And now an NJ student loan (and I don’t think that state is sophisticated enough to have electronic billing). My federal loans would probably be paper too if I didn’t get a .25% reduction in my interest rate for paying electronically.

Anyways, the point is that I still don’t write very many, and that before I had all these “adult” responsibilities I used them even less.

My checking account opened when I was about 17, and I got the initial starter pack of checks. The boring ones. Which worked fine. But then I lost track of where I put them, so I ordered new ones from one of those funky, customizable outfits. By the time they arrived, I had found the old ones, so I put the new ones in storage.

Fast forward to last year when I *finally* ran out of my starter pack and switched to the custom-order. I was shocked. Something had possessed me, all those years ago, to buy the girliest things imaginable. Think, overly hippie flowers, like you’d see in That 70’s Show or at Justice or Limited Too.  There are a couple more innocuous ones, but overall they are a disaster. I am so ashamed when I write out a check on those things. I imagine the guy at Xcel depositing the check, saying, “I don’t think this girl should have any adult responsibilities, judging by her choice in checks.”

Now that I’m burning through more of them (church pledge, occasional charitable contribution, etc) I am looking forward to going back to the boring ones. Someday. I have tons left.



One response to “(new) check, please

  1. I do the same thing. I feel like I’m pretty tech-savvy, but there is something about online bill pay that I hate.
    You rock those flowers gurl!

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