It’s happening

After a year of consideration, Jeff and I are moving in together in August. This wasn’t my first intentions. According to my plan Jeff has about a month to “put a ring on it”. Will this happen? No. Since Jeff may need to move up to Crookston sometime in the fall or spring, the whole moving in together thing just seemed easier. As many people know Jeff is really busy with his Master’s program, and sometimes it feels like we have long distance relationship even though he lives 15 minutes away. The most exciting thing about this move-Jeff will be coming home to “our” apartment.  I can’t wait!

The apartment is in St Paul. I’m thinking this will be my biggest committment move. I’ve lived in Minneapolis for 6 years now, and I love St Paul but the whole thing just seems odd. -Kelly


3 responses to “It’s happening

  1. Does this mean we have to rename the blog??



  2. Congratulations! How long will he be in Crookston for?

  3. Ha. I thought the same thing. Maybe. Thanks, P. It would be while he’s getting his PhD. There are other options out there, but this one seems most likely.

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