I’m hosting an event tomorrow night for work and crashing all deadlines for it. Plus, I managed to get a cold just as I was waiting for my return flight on Sunday. I’m missing yoga as a result of both bits of unpleasantness, and I have to get some things ready for Nick’s dad to take when he drives through on Thursday night. Had to miss a Twins game with my brother tonight. Oh, and I didn’t get a job I really wanted. Enough complaining — this is my way of saying, “Sorry I’m not posting enough! Hopefully next week!”

(What’s the opposite of complaining? Praise?) Fortunately, I have an awesome group of girlfriends who I click with. Dinner at a locally-sourced rotisserie to catch up on all the latest gossip and impending babies? Check. On demand communication via email and gChat? Check. Flexible, cheerful, and supportive? Check, check, check.

Maybe I’ll do a YouTube yoga video after my latest dream job application. Gotta stop fussing and get on with it.



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