Laundry, throwing out old papers, saving old papers that need a shredder (why didn’t I ask for one for my birthday??), waiting for Nick’s dad to make a late night stop to pick up some of his things, and pondering the next bout of domesticity.

Going out of town seriously ruins grocery planning. Fruit and vegetables are incredibly difficult — you have to eat them all in three or four days, and if the peaches aren’t ripe when you leave, they might be collecting fruit flies when you get back in town. I’m about to kill a gallon of milk tomorrow with breakfast. I could buy one tomorrow night, but then I’d lose three days of freshness, and it takes until the expiration date for me to drink the whole gallon. So then what are we left with? Prepackaged goods. Sad. I basically live off CLIF bars these days.

Chicago this weekend. Did you know they cancelled their huge fireworks display?? My first trip there was in elementary school, and my family went specifically for their show. There will be three smaller displays, and Nick has friends in high rises by the lake, so we’ll still see some. Back late, late, late on Monday night, which means Tuesday will be my brain dead day. You’ve been warned.



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