American as Apple Pie

Since I will try to make this post short and post the few pictures I have later-a quick snapshot of the weekend: baking, baseball, beer, brats, cheesecake, ribs, baseball, fireworks, and Calhoun. It was quiet the adventure. I’ll post pictures of the baking experience-but let’s talk about America’s Past Time, baseball.

Not only did I endure the intense heat of Saturday at the Twins game, I also went the Saints game on Sunday. The Saints are by far one the most entertaining Minnesota summer activities. The stadium is fun and the atmosphere is great. It’s especially nice when the Saints play well because it means free things.  We walked out of the game with coupons for BWW’s, Baker’s Square, and Bierstube. The Saints won 9-0 and I even saw Frank Viola’s (former Twins pitcher) son pitch in the ninth. The perk of the game-fireworks. The patriotic showing was not complete with out the symbolic, Lee Greenwood. -Kelly


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