arm rest

I have a longer post about Chicago coming, but since I’ve been traveling so much, I need to comment on the subject of arm rests.

Women and men think entirely different things about arm rests. To men, the arm rest on airplanes/Megabus means “Yeay! A place to rest my arm!”

This is not the case.

Women, quite correctly, understand the arm rest to be a line of demarcation in the real estate of traveling. It is a boundary not to be crossed. Your elbow must be to the inside of the arm rest, not on top of it. This ensures NO TOUCHING. If your elbow is on top, and something jostles you, you will end up touching the person next to you. And in America we value clear boundaries and no awkward physical touching between strangers.

There are other issues with men taking up too much space. When they lift utensils to their mouths, their elbows bow out, instead of dropping to the inside. But it’s most apparent while traveling. Sitting next to women is preferred.

End rant.



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