“How I Roll”

I said I would post pictures of Katie* and my food adventures from last Friday. Here they are. The best moment of the night-while rolling out the pretzels, we each had our different styles, Katie* chimed in “well, maybe it’s how I roll”. HA.  The pretzels were amazing. The right color, consistency, and really easy to make. Plus, Fat Tire and spicy mustard are also helpful. Here is a similar recipe to the one we used, the internet has failed me.

Sorry the pictures are only of finished products, we were a little slow on that action. Besides pretzels I was also making Oatmeal Peanut butter and Oreo cookies-YUM.  In the original recipe for the cookies they add chocolate chips, I felt that was over-kill, and thought they turned out delicious regardless. -Kelly (I will be out of town again this weekend-Family trip to SD)


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