Eye doctor

I wish I was as gushy about my optometrist as I am about my dental hygienist. You go to the dentist much more frequently than eye doctor, so there’s just less time to bond. I only go to the eye doctor when I need glasses and/or contacts, usually every two years.  And then when you get there, you have about thirty mins in the dentists’ chair, whereas I only spent 11 mins with the eye doc today. Not conducive to chatting. My guy was nice enough. During the first test, right after the glaucoma check, with a different device, his reaction was almost immediate, “You have very strong astigmatism.” Yes, I am aware. Then, while writing down the final prescription numbers, he says, “How long have you had such a strong prescription?” “Well, I’ve had glasses since I was 4, so…” Translation: You have really bad eyes, like you’re some kind of old lady. Almost as nice as the cashier who said I looked “tired.”

Bonus: At the Costco food stand you can get a Solo cup sized amount of soft serve for $1.45. Major win on a day like today.



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